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Musical Interpretation

  • 01 Mar 2015
  • Planet Ice, Basingstoke


  • BISC Members only

Event runs from 9.45am. Registration from 8.30 am.

Starting order

In this competition, the skaters will choreograph and perform a programme to music of the referee’s choice. The programme length will be 1 ½ minutes for the lower levels and 2 minutes for the higher levels.

The skaters will all go into the changing room where music will be playing to drown out the competition music being played in the rink. The first skater will go into the rink to listen to the music once & will then perform a skating programme interpreting the music with their movements across the ice, use of their arms, head etc.

The second skater will come into the rink and stand with their back to the rink, listening to the music, whilst the first skater performs their programme. It will then be the second skaters turn to perform their programme whilst the third skater stands with their back to the rink listening to the music, etc. a committee member will be with the skater who is listening to the music to ensure that they are facing away from the rink whilst the skater on ice is performing.

There will not be a mark for technical merit. The competition is judged purely on musical interpretation and therefore jumps do not have to be included in the programme. The elements included are entirely up to the skater. The programme is to be made up by the skater on the day & competition/test programmes are not to be used.

After the closing date on Sunday 22nd February at 11.00a.m, the referee will decide how the classes will be split depending on the entries submitted.

This event is open to skaters from fun skate bronze level up to NISA level 10 & adults.

The entry fee is £5.00 for club members and £10.00 for non-members. Entry forms can be submitted on line on the BISC website or may be obtained from a committee member.

PayPal payments have a 5% payment charge.

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