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The goal of all sessions is to provide a supportive, positive learning environment to work towards a common goal on improving your skills on ice. There is a focus on fun, energy, hard work and peer support: the core elements of a strong development set up. However, there are plenty of opportunities to practice, socialise and interact within the club timings. 

Each normal ice session will feature a coach led class, as well as some free skating practice time. The content will depend on the level and number of skaters in attendance of each session but edge classes will be a core element of the sessions.  

Certain events throughout the club calendar may alter or affect timings (club competitions, galas, masterclasses, rehearsals for example) 

The "Club ice" session is a chance for all levels to practice skating.

Club ice etiquette must be followed at all times: please download here

Friday Schedule (winter season)


5.45-6.30pm Group Edge class 

All ages and abilities 

For clarification of level evidence required, please see the FAQ's


Our club classes are a compliment to formal skating instruction or to build on existing skills. They are NOT a Learn to Skate course. 

The purpose of Edge Classes, based on the ISU definition, is to improve overall skating quality: edge control and flow over the ice surface demonstrated by a command of the skating vocabulary (edges, steps, turns, etc), the clarity of the technique, and the use of effortless power to accelerate and vary speed.  The emphasis below is on the areas the coaches will focus on.


Balance, rhythmic knee action, and precision of foot placement

Flow and effortless glide

Rhythm, strength, clean strokes, and an efficient use of lean create a steady run to the blade and an ease of transfer of weight resulting in seemingly effortless power and acceleration

Cleanness and sureness of deep edges, steps, and turns

The skater should demonstrate clean and controlled curves, deep edges and steps. Varied use of power/energy, speed and acceleration

Variety is the graduation - some of which may be subtle

Multi-directional skating

Includes all direction of skating: forward and backward, clockwise and anti-clockwise including rotation in both directions.

Master of one foot skating

No over use of skating on two feet.

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